Hawk Ridge Systems与联泰科技美国分公司加强3D打印合作伙伴关系


Hawk Ridge Systems是Solid Works在北美的一家增值代理商(VAR)。近日Hawk Ridge Systems宣布,联泰科技的光固化(SL)3D打印解决方案将成为其产品队伍新成员。随着联泰科技的加入,Hawk Ridge Systems将为设计师和制造商在光固化(SL)3D打印技术优势的利用上,提供机会。

HawkRidge Systems, a SolidWorks value-added reseller (VAR) in the Americas,announced that UnionTech stereolithography (SL) 3D printing solutions will nowbe part of Hawk Ridge Systems’ product offering. With the addition ofUnionTech, Hawk Ridge Systems offers designers and manufacturers an opportunitytake advantage of the benefits of SL 3D printing.

“随着联泰科技3D打印机的加入,现在Hawk Ridge Systems可以定位于满足各类增材制造的综合性需求。” Hawk Ridge Systems工程部副总裁Cameron Carson先生说,“与联泰科技的深入合作,扩大了Hawk Ridge Systems整体3D打印机合作伙伴体系,包括用于高端加工和彩色打印的惠普3D打印机,专注于复合材料和金属应用的Markforged,以及专注光固化3D打印机的联泰科技。通过与一流的3D打印机制造商合作,加上全面的现场服务和现场支持,奠定了Hawk Ridge Systems在北美市场的独特地位。”

“With the addition of UnionTech 3D printers, Hawk Ridge Systems is now positioned to meet comprehensive requirements for 3D printers across a wide variety of additive manufacturing needs,” says Cameron Carson, VP of Engineering, Hawk Ridge Systems. “This partnership with UnionTech expands Hawk Ridge Systems 3D printer partnerships to include HP for high-end processing and color printing, Markforged for composite and metal applications and UnionTech for SL printers. By partnering with the best-in-class 3D printer manufacturing companies, coupled with comprehensive field services and onsite support, Hawk Ridge Systems has a unique position in the North American market.”

“联泰科技给光固化技术(国内SLA技术工业级领域,联泰拥有超过50%市场份额商业化的增材制造技术)带来崭新的维度,其开放性与兼容性,能够以市场领先的成本效益和优良的零件质量,促进协作和创新。Hawk Ridge Systems精心挑选的技术,一定能为客户提供好的服务,我们联泰科技期待着这样一个既能促进商业应用又能促进3D打印制造应用的合作伙伴关系。”联泰科技美国分公司的总经理Jim Reitz先生总结道。

"The fresh dimension that UnionTech brings to stereolithography, thefirst commercial AM technology, is an open-sourced large format platform thatenables collaboration and innovation with market leading cost-effectiveness andsuperior part quality. Given Hawk Ridge Systems thoughtful process of selectingtechnologies that can best serve their customers, Union Tech is looking forwardto a partnership that advances both commercial and production 3D printing uses."adds Jim Reitz, general manager of UnionTech, Inc.