Women in 3D Printing全球大的女性3D打印组织



全球大的女性3D打印组织Women in 3D Printing,始于2014年,其创始人希望通过这个平台分享增材制造领域中的女性的故事。这些女性来自不同的国家,拥有不用的文化、背景、兴趣、爱好。她们认为增材制造,不仅仅是个工具,它需要和不同的产业结合应用。这也是她们的初衷,致力于跨行业应用增增材制造技术。

Women in 3D Printing started in 2014,  from our founder’s desire to share thestories of the women shaping the Additive Manufacturing space.  Before embracing careers in 3D Printing, mostof us had, and some still have, passions, hobbies, and jobs in other fields.  By the nature of Additive Manufacturingitself, because it is a manufacturing tool, it is meant to be usedcross-industries. This is why we believe this industry should be enriched bythe diverse backgrounds that compose its workforce. Women in 3D Printingcenters around the idea that we should embrace those diverse backgroundsbecause they are what makes this industry so rich and interesting.